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Castle Secular Park
The Castle Park, overlooking the Tiber valley, spread over about 8,500 square meters. Has a brochure "terraced" with different levels connected by a network of walkways that connect the front part of the facade of the castle with the lowest and most restricted, dominated by the walls and the stone embankment that acts as a buttress the main structure of the castle. On top of the embankment a wrought iron railing can admire the magnificent panorama of the valley at the famous castle which acts as an unforgettable backdrop behind the millenarian towers. The park consists mainly of coppice with oak trees, some of them centuries old. Singles surrounded by a beautiful palm box hedges and bay running along the garden and the park marking  the path.  Go to the second part of the text
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Artistic detail of the "Castle Park"

- Four size sculptures depicting the "Four Seasons" in old
- Four musicians in old stone “ putti”
- Two large tigers pink veined marble sculpture of gray
- Two lions seated marble sculpture (entrance of the Castle)
- Two lions  marble sculpture positioned above the columns of the entrance
east to Perugia Old.
- Two important carved and sculpted cast iron pots of the nineteenth century. placed above the supporting columns of the great main entrance of the Castle
- Important and rare stone table from outside of the '300 with gothic quatrefoil shape with games of columns that support the plan. This artifact is a significant testimony of  Templar Culture miraculously survived to this day.
- Table glass and pink marble sculpture of a female figure
- Large round table in majolica of Deruta hand painted with coats of arms regarding counts Morsiani family and the old castle with an old wrought iron base
- A series of countless old-fashioned iron-cast  benches and massive bronze
- A series of innumerable lamps with 5 lights in the shape of ancient lamps supported by arms machined  iron cast and bronze
- A series of iron lampposts to light with a lamp shaped
- Gazebo pagoda-shaped iron made and wooden finial worked for concerts and theatrical events, etc.. illuminated by a beautiful antique Murano chandelier with 32 lights
- Collection of old "Jars Oleari" of the eighteenth and nineteenth century  in terracotta with hand made sculptures and with allegorical applications, or grotesque masks and inscriptions and dates.
- Old "mill chestnut" sandstone with date
- Old oil mill of the eighteenth century
- Stone and marble busts of ancestors
- Game port-luck bronze bells of the seventeenth century (entrance of the castle) under Balcony of the Ladies
- Bronze bell of 700 warnings for friendly
- Large automated sliding gate and with cameras. The gate, wide mt. 6 and high up to 4 mt., is artistically hand-wrought iron with turrets, scrolls and leaves.
- Wrought iron gate (east entrance to Old Perugia), wide. 2,60 meters and  high 3,50 mt., also with automated folding and equipped with cameras
- Iron gate (old north entrance for ancient carriages)
- Cast iron worked great pitcher of the early '900s
- Several lounges outdoor wrought iron and cast iron placed in clearings in the park

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