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The castle seen from the sky - Aerial Photos

Few works of man have the power to elicit the mythical and magical states of mind the Castle has been able to over the centuries. The Castle, in its most profound role, represents the ideal place of safety and refuge from a harsh wilderness which in ancient times was full of raw danger, a world of blunt violence and political turmoil. History has made the Castle a place of mystery and arcane magic, obscure events and powerful legends. The Castello di Castelleone, also seen from the sky, with its towers, spy slits and majestic hilltop domination is a timeless guardian of the Upper Tiber Valley which to this day bears witness to a world of warriors whose cries even now echo from the depth of the dark Middle Ages.  Inside its thick walls the ideal refuge awaits, a different sort of space, filled with priceless objects and rooms of noble grace which belie the massive external stone armour.

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