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Castle Museum
The Castle Museum consists of the ancient building itself and all of its contents which includes a unique collection of original furniture, antique Venetian Murano chandeliers and wall lamps, wrought iron lamps, antique paintings and prints, sculptures, glass objects, old and contemporary ceramics (bearing witness to the age old tradition of ceramics in nearby Deruta), Persian carpets and wall hangings, armoury and items dating back to Medieval times.  These furnishings, some of which were actually made inside the Castle itself, evoke the spirit of eras long gone, their indelible mark bearing witness to those who lived here over the centuries. One of the traditional family occupations of the Morsiani Counts, the owners of the Castle, is the collection of rare and unusual art.  Over many generations the Morsiani Counts have become experts in the study, preservation and collection of ancient paintings, sculpture, antique furniture and decorative items.  Count Giovanni Morsiani has recently added his own very special collection of antique prints, with particular attention given to the great masters of the Italian, German, Dutch and Mittel-Europa. The family antiques gallery, the Palazzo del Buonsignore ( collects furniture, paintings, sculpture, Murano glass, clocks and decorative arts from the 13th to the 20th century.  Go to the second part of the text
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The most valuable pieces of this collection are on exhibit at the Antiques Gallery of the Castello di Castelleone and include:

• a carved walnut trousseau chest from the late 1400’s, a unique example of medieval woodwork of feudal origins.
• a stunning, almost life-size 1300’s olive wood Crucifix of inestimable value made in Umbria during the late gothic period
• fine Tuscan, Umbrian, Bolognese, German and Flemish school paintings from the 1400’s, 1500’s and 1600’s
• old Albrecht Durer prints depicting not just religious themes, but also scenes from the mysterious world of medieval knights
• priceless graphic works paintings by Rosa da Tivoli,
• fine masterpieces by unknown Tuscan and Bolognese artists from the 1400s to the 1600’s

The concept behind the Ancient Art gallery grew from a desire to present a “dynamic museum or Castle Museum”, an exhibition in which there are not just masterpieces from the family’s private collection on show, but also pieces which the discerning visitor can admire.

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