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Renaissance Hall
Just next to the Office it is another beautiful, larger, living room called “Renaissance Hall” with a renaissance stone fireplace with spiral columns. This refined room also has painted ceilings and wall décor, as well as a very rare and magnificent soft opaque Murano chandelier dating to the second half of the 1800’s  and called “Winter at the Lagoon”. The room is further embellished by valuable ceramics from nearby Deruta and a beautiful 1800’s French wall hanging depicting “Sacred and Profane Love” by Titian. Go to the second part of the text
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Artistic detail of the "Renaissance Hall"

- Extraordinary museum and polychrome opal Chandelier Murano with 18 lights of the second half of the nineteenth century "Winter on the Lagoon". It is one of a works most significant ever made in Murano in the last two centuries.
- Triptych of amphorae of Deruta majolica art in a niche in the wall
- Different game tables, mahogany and walnut nineteenth century.
- Pair of consoles by the end of the sixteenth century with ancient carvings
- Flat panels and Deruta majolica art depicting knights and ladies
- The late eighteenth century tapestry of color from plant types Gobelins French showing "The Love
sacred profane love "from the famous painting by Titian today at the Galleria Borghese in Rome
- Triptych of mirrors, gilt-framed mirrors and mercury of the nineteenth century.
- Oil painting on canvas of "Madonna"
- Pair of gilt-framed portraits of ancestors before the nineteenth century.
- Large copper shield embossed with heraldic
- Antique chair "on the throne" Savonarola and the cross slats woven blue and red velvet and carved lion head
- Consists of large living room sofa and pair of armchairs "Berg" in damask
- Ancient Persian Keshan carpet on a cobalt blue floral decoration
- Persian carpet flower
- Important stone fireplace with twisted columns of the Sixteenth Century, and painted hood
with family motto scrolls by
- Walls and ceiling decorated with floral motifs and geometric beams
- Ladies Balcony of the fifteenth in sandstone with shamrocks four-lobed Gothic
The balcony overlooks the front side of the park, the center of the façade of the castle.

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