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Arriving to castle Castelleone

The massive door of the castle squeaked on its ancient iron hinges as it swung open to reveal the precious treasures that lay within its thick protective walls. This is the marvel we came across when we first visited the castle, its age-old towers majestic against the September sunset, so close to the modern world and the road that leads to it from Deruta, yet so reserved and seemingly hidden deep in the heart of the Umbrian Apennines, surrounded by a rolling landscape of olive groves, fields and the oak and chestnut stands which characterise this marvellous part of Italy: the Umbria. A lovely country road leads up to the Castle, which appears suddenly as one rounds the corner. It is an arcane image which, at the same time, is a reassuring one as it reveals that we are about to reach our destination and embark on a whole new adventure. This is how Counts Morsiani (a very ancient noble family of Romagna that take origin from the VIII century), actually Castle's Masters, came upon the idea to recreate the ancient spirit of the medieval world within the Castle walls, to conjure up a magical ambience within the spaces provided, to exalt and to elicit the unique atmosphere that is the Castello di Castelleone. Go to the second part of the text

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The visitor is soon under the spell of the magnificent aura of the castle as he wonders down its ancient hallways, pauses in the sitting rooms, goes up and down the stairs from tower to bedroom. The urge is to remain, to never leave these spaces so rife with ancient memories and amazing tales.  Or, at least, to return as soon as possible! The bedrooms, suites and sitting rooms of the Castle, now open as an exclusive relais, all vary in style, the eloquent modern en-suite bathrooms miraculously carved into the uncommonly thick walls, the decorated ceilings exalted by magnificent antique Venetian chandeliers of inestimable value, the antique paintings and fine ceramics from the millenary Deruta tradition all come together to urge the visitor to return to the Castle over and over, to sleep in different rooms whose stories unveil themselves each time in a different and unforgettable light.

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