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The Old Cloister, the Ancient Courtyard, the Porch, the Roof Terrace and the Old Brick
Located in the west wing of the Castle, the Old Courtyard (with an area of approx. 500 sqm.) faces the alley called  “Olive” and  has an L-shaped porch that runs along the walls and  before the back of the Castle ( embattled terrace) and joins just below the Middle Age Longobard Tower. The porch, connected with a beautiful old door in solid chestnut with a pointed arch of Gothic type to  the old kitchen of the castle and with another ancient door in solid chestnut and wrought iron gate on the park opposite the castle, is foldable portals through sliding glass shatterproof and iron to create a true closed arcade of approx. 100 sqm. Within the last arcade halls  are kept some of the existing oil mill of the castle. A beautiful window carved into living rock overlooking the lower part of the park while there adjacent, iron and glass door giving access to the Longobard  Tower  with an elliptical staircase and introducing  the wall walk which is just above the porch, having identical dimensions. The old nineteenth century stone mill grinders have been placed in the courtyard of the cloister. At the center of the courtyard stands an old brick and wrought iron well below age-old with tanks to collect water.  Go to the second part of the text
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Artistic detail of the “Old Cloister, the Ancient Courtyard, the Porch,  the roof terrace and the Old Brick "

- Eight large benches of 700/800 in softwood painted  with floral and allegorical themes
- Ancient majolica plate of 700 Tuscan-style "Della Robbia" depicting "Madonna and Child"
- Collection of lamps made from antique majolica tiles and hand painted with several coats of arms and allegories
- Collection of antique wrought iron lamps depicting winged dragons
- Collection of paintings small jars  terracotta-made
- Sitting "field" of wood and twisted ropes of early '900
- An old washing machine in softwood of 700 still working
- Ancient bread oven
- Important collection of ancient "olive oils Pitchers and Jars" of the eighteenth and nineteenth century terracotta-made with sculpture and decorative applications, grotesque and ancient inscriptions date.
- Monumental triptych "millstone" of the eight-nineteenth century. These “millstone” in origin were situated  inside of the  Ancient Oil-press of the castle, actually and before the eighteen century “Ancient  Armiger and Armoury Hall”.
- Tank-brick pit still operating with arch wrought iron gate bucket pictured with the lion and the crow, both symbols of the castle.
- Iron gate, pedestrian gate and massive iron balustrade overlooking the alley called “Olive” customizations taken from the crest of the Castle

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