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Ground Floor of the Castle
The Ground Floor of the Castle, that are reachable from the entrances overlooking the village (three, including the main places on the path of freedom and  the alley called the Olive)  that the entrance located on the front of the castle opposite the park consists of: the Museum area (which includes the Castle Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Clock Pendulum and the Gallery of Ancient Art), the fascinating Ancient Armigers and Armoury Hall , that is the Old Hall of Middle-Age Warriors (one of the spaces that lie etched in the memory of the visitor), the Old Refectory of the Captains, the Hall of Arms, the Guard Room, the Neo-Gothic Hall with nice paintings, Seating and “Grottino” step, the Gallery of the Collections, the Vestibule entrance of the Park (from which you access with a bold scale that reaches the unforgettable Underground tunnels until Medieval  Ancient Cistern), the Antique Gallery  and the Main entrance of the Castle, the Great entered  in front of the ancient village with  Renaissance Staircase and, last but not least, the large Renaissance Dining Room  that puts in the Old Kitchen of the Castle. Accessible from the Ancient Village on Liberty Road  is the private Chapel which occupies the first floor of the Nuptial Tower.
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