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Hall of Arms
Natural continuation of the Guard room and connected to it by a wide arch, once housed the weapons and firearms of the soldiers and armigers stationed at the Castle. Also has an old four-century vaulted ceiling "dome" brick "side view reported at the origins during the last careful restoration. Of great interest is also an ancient  "internal window" with a small bow, carved into living stone and concealing internal cavity (or "atrium") almost as tall as the entire Castle and a yard wide, including within the wall and containing a ' full battle armor worn”. The small window, rediscovered after recent renovations, it is demonstrating the method of construction of buildings such as castles like Castelleone where the interior walls and above have two or more external containment walls to cushion the blows of the stonebombs and then the guns. Remarkable in this room is a sideboard Buffet of late Renaissance (XVI sec.). Here is another section of the Fourteenth-century Collection of Pendule clocks and a very rare "Water clock" of the Seventeenth century of  Dutch school.
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