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Passage to the Park - Medieval underground Burrows - Medieval Old Tank - Travel beyond the arcane barriers of Time

Its guarding the entrance to the park, at a point where the size of the "barbican", combined with stone and brick wall, reaches more than 2.5 meters thick. Presents a door with iron grates and a large garden overlooking  a door that  puts to the main staircase of the castle. On the left side is visible entering the brick sentry box that hides the old staircase to the Medieval underground tunnels  (many of which are still unexplored and that from immemorial time are said to be long kilometers) to reach the Old Medieval Tank (large 4 mt. and high  8 mt. at the "top side" and still with water coming from a secular undercurrent still active). The daring descent into these dark places hidden to eight feet deep in the bowels of basalt on which rest the foundations of the mighty castle, is an exciting journey over the arcane barriers of Time. Vai alla seconda parte del testo

 {oziogallery 126}

Artistic detail of the 'corridor of entry "

- Important and rare Umbrian "refectory" table of the end of the fifteenth century in solid walnut wood floor with different thickness and typical large central lozenge and still "wedge".
- Work table of the seventeenth century in poplar wood with secrets
- Pretty old spinning wheel
- Important lamp shaped amphora of Deruta majolica art with coats of arms
- Panel embroidered with "old point Deruta” (rare) depicting the Castle Castelleone
- Antique chandelier " lamp form" wrought iron made

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