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White Lady Suite
Legend has it that the Castle of Castelleone, like any self-respecting castle, has a ghost!  In our case it is a beautiful noble woman with long blond locks who, at certain times of the year, reveals herself through a waft of enchanting perfume and a glimpse of white.
This large and charming room, destined to be enjoyed by those who are intrigued by ancient legends, is in the centre of the Castle on the noble floor and its windows give onto the extensive park below. 
The bed’s elegant, wooden, waved headboard is gilded and the ample decorated bathroom with its spacious hi-tech hydro-massage bathtub and mosaics gives a three dimensional effect.  Go to the second part of the taxt
{oziogallery 133} 


Inside you will find:
- Painted ceilings with geometric and floral motifs
- Painted walls
- Large terracotta fireplace
- A valuable Deruta ceramic plate depicting the White Lady
Bed with large waved and Louis XV gilded headboard and 18th century bedside tables
- Two large wardrobes
- Antique Murano chandelier
- 19th century corner cupboard
- Bathroom with large two person hydro-massage bathtub and Giò Ponti furnishings
- ….and, now and again, a very special fleeting …. presence

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