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Virgin Suite

The presence of an intensely romantic four-poster canopy bed dating to the 1800’s framed by light draping, the elegant floral motifs painted high on the walls, the clear light that filters into the room through the two windows that give onto the hamlet of Castelleone and the superbly aristocratic fireplace with its painted hood and inlaid wood (which hide a secret chest of drawers) characterise this charming room born from the ancient tradition of having future brides sleep here on the nights preceding her wedding.  The room is further enhanced by a beautifully hand-decorated bathtub set on golden lion paws in front of one of the windows, a tradition which dates back to Roman times and was often repeated over the centuries since the beginning of the Renaissance.  The rest of the bathroom is equally original: located just outside the bedroom it has two sculpted marble sinks in an 1800’s solid wood closet.  Go to the second part of the texto

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Inside the room you will find:
- Painted walls
- A 19th century four-poster canopy bed
- Two antique bed-side tables
- Antique wardrobe – walnut corner cupboard
- Fireplace converted into secret chest of drawers
- Antique Murano chandelier and wall lamp
- Antique style lion-paw bathtub
- Bathroom with marble sinks located into an 1800’s solid wood closet 
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