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Nuptial Bedroom

For six centuries now the main keep of the Castle, the Nuptial Tower (“Torre degli Sposi”)was built in the 1400’s to substitute a lesser tower which had been repeatedly damaged by the many raids inflicted on it by the Braccio di Montone (the infamous Braccio Fortebracci) clan and has been called the Nuptial Tower ever since.  It is the unforgettable contrast between the imposing walls and the elegance of its interior which makes this corner of the Castle the most loved by its guests.  Spread upwards over 5 stories, the ground floor, on the street level, is an ancient private chapel with lovely frescoes depicting the Madonna and Child and 18th century anonymous Umbrian saints, and the top floor is an as-yet inaccessible covered belvedere.  The true highlights of this magnificent tower are the second, third and fourth floors which house three unique circular ambiences:  the lowest of the three floors is the entirely frescoed Salle de Bain depicting some of the historical greats of Italian art and culture, among whom we can recognise Dante Alighieri, Raffaello, il Perugino, Leon Battista Alberti, Galileo Galilei and Goldoni.  This unique environment, its original terracotta floor intact, recalls Roman times, with its imposing gondola-shaped, lion-pawed, hand-painted bathtub and self standing gold leaf sinks specially designed for this bathroom.  An elegant lounge chair graces the centre facing the tiny window that gives onto the hamlet. Above it, on the third floor going up the ancient spiral staircase, is the Tower’s solid walnut boiserie Sitting Room with a wraparound canvas painting depicting a matrimonial procession as it winds its way up towards the castle replete with newlyweds, wedding guests, horses, hunters with their catch for the nuptial banquet, dogs and trumpeters.  Higher up are scrolls of Latin sayings and Italian symbols of fertility and good auspice for the happy couple. The inlaid walnut and oak floor dates back to the 1500’s and the original heart-shaped table at the centre, with its matching chairs, complete the intimate décor which is gently illuminated by sunlight which  enters through Venetian “Rui” style stained glass windows and an antique golden Murano chandelier. The Bedroom for the Newlyweds is located on the fourth floor, a romantic jewellery box-like ambiance with a four poster canopy bed draped in soft gauze cloth gathered in bows.  The room’s rounded solid walnut wardrobe was constructed inside the room itself to fit into the curves of the inner walls.
The Nuptial Tower is one of the highlights of the Castello di Castelleone, and is reason enough by itself to return to the castle over and over again. 

{oziogallery 138} 

Artistic detail of the "Nuptial Tower"
- Walls painted in tempera and fresco
- Coffered ceilings and beams
- Original terracotta floors in antique walnut and oak
- Carved walnut woodwork (boiserie)
- Painted canvas of the nineteenth century. with scenes of "Corteo"
- Table and chairs in solid walnut with heart-shaped seat
- Windows "Rui Venetians" tied to "lead" blown glass and polychrome
- Venetian bed of the nineteenth century. "Canopy" in soft wood carved and painted
- An antique daybed of the nineteenth century. original fabric with brocade and red velvet
- Cabinet in solid walnut circular walls as
- Pair of old tiles in Deruta pottery depicting the "Madonna and Child "
- Murano chandelier polychrome "Harlequin" of the nineteenth century. (Living room marriage)
- Murano chandelier antique rose early twentieth century. (The Wedding Chamber)
- Multi-colored Murano glass chandelier from the early twentieth century. (Salle de bain)
- Upholstery and curtains made and hand embroidered
- Antique fireplace lined with ceramic
- Three Samsung Plasma TVs with "conveyed waves" and internet connection
- Bowl-shaped gondola Devon & Devon, with leonine feet and hand decorated with gold crest of the castle in gold on royal blue
- Two sinks in the form of "hourglass" in gold leaf

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