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Main Stairwell and climb to the Belvedere tower
The two flights of stairs leading from ground floor to the main floor of the castle are ancient stone maded and feature a wrought iron railing in the shape of coiled snakes. The ceiling is vaulted and on the walls there are several paintings and antique furnitures. After the first landing he received the second, through an arched door, puts to the final three ramps leading to the suite of the Knight and the Hall of Knights, to the top of the Belvedere Tower.   Go to the second part of the text
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Artistic detail of the stairwell and climb the Belvedere Tower
- Large plate of Deruta majolica art depicting "Saint George slaying the dragon"
- 5 light sconce in Murano glass and gold standard "Ca Rezzonico"
-  Painting oil on canvas of 1700 depicting "Piazza del Popolo in Rome" by wooden frame Golded coeval
- Etching with ancient mythological motifs
- Golden mirror of the nineteenth century. with mercury mirror
- Rare chandelier "Basket" of Murano glass and gold of the nineteenth century.
- Vase art of Deruta majolica
- Oil painting on canvas of 700 representing "Rural scenes in the Roman countryside" by coeval gilded wooden frame
- Walnut console of the nineteenth century. with marble
- Rare chandelier "Basket" of Murano in the XIX century. polychrome glass in shades of purple and gold
- Console-mahogany card table of the nineteenth century.
- Wrought iron gate
- Wrought iron railings in the shape of coiled snakes
- Rare applique Murano Ceramic (gold and silver) of the nineteenth century. 6 lights
- Etching "View of Rome" by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (eighteenth century).
- Two wrought iron candelabra
- Antique painting of the seventeenth century oil on canvas of "St. Francis in Ecstasy" by coeval wooden frame
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