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Master's Cuisine

Adjacent to the Great Manor's Hall and connected  through an old door there is the main kitchen also realized (as the main ground floor) in solid chestnut doors from old seventeenth century. Very important the largest belief Umbertina light walnut, solid walnut table with great depth of the nineteenth century anf the pantry, a nice niche-protected with ancient wooden doors.  Go to the second part of the text

 {oziogallery 150}

Artistic detail of the "master kitchen"
- Large cupboard with plate rack in light walnut Umbertino period (late nineteenth century.)
with numerous drawers and doors and columns supporting the upper
- Dining table dated nineteenth century. solid walnut floor with significant thickness
- Antique wrought iron chandelier
- Pantry hidden niche in the wall with old wooden doors
- Fully equipped kitchen made from solid chestnut doors of the seventeenth century

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